“Converge thoughts to actions, and the time for action is now"

This is the firm belief of the founders of Highr. It comes across in their professional realm and the community projects they undertake to make a societal impact. 

Driving the youth: ME AND YOU.TH


Me and You.th is a youth-based organization under the Haryana Obstetrics and Gynecology Society. It aims to create a platform that allows the youth to express themselves through creative mediums regarding various socio-political issues while simultaneously generating funds to help the under-privileged. Our founding team has actively been a part of their ventures through donating to causes as well as consistently mentoring the youth team. Our philosophy is to help the youth to help themselves, to empower them.

Driving needs during COVID 19: THE UBUNTU FUNDRAISER


The acute phase of the lockdown saw the worst migrant crisis in India, wherein unemployment and poverty skyrocketed for the workers. In partnership with Moonshine Food ventures Limited and Me and You.th, our founders helped prepare and distribute over 2000 meals per day to migrants rendered homeless. In times such as these, we worked with like-minded people who rose above fear and claimed social responsibility. We called it The Ubuntu Fundraiser, stemming from the African philosophy, “I am because of who we all are.”

Driving sustainability in societal impact: PAROPKAR

The Ubuntu philosophy led to the central idea that change cannot be a one time action. Transforming “self” to “selfless” needs to be a conscious, sustainable part of who we are. In collaboration with Moonshine Food Ventures Limited, the Highr team will be contributing funds towards the project Paropkar on a consistent basis. This future project will address social issues that need immediate attention, be it of an individual or a community. Watch this space for our future endeavors. We welcome legit NGOs and organizations to partner with us. You can reach us at enquire@highr.tech or connect with us through our social media handles.

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